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Sayonara UK!

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It started with a kiss. 20 months later, we’re engaged and ready to embark on a 9 month world travel odyssey. We can’t quite believe how quickly time has passed and there is only 24 hrs before we hot foot to Heathrow and hop on a jet plane, Africa bound.

The last day in London is clouded by a virulent hangover, fuelled by a heady mix of beer, cocktails, red wine and whisky. Ah to say goodbye in style and with a certain air of predictability.

Memories of last night are hazy but enjoyable. It started in the Betsy Trotwood pub in Farringdon, a proper English boozer on the edge of ‘cool’ London. After a slow start lots of familiar faces piled in. Build it and they will come. Much to my protest, I had drink after drink thrust into my hands and by 7pm I was free talking and waxing lyrical about subjects I know little about. Plus ca change.

I vaguely remember a walk to Smithfield Bar & Grill. What followed is a cacophony of noise. I remember talking to Anna’s bump and passing on worldly advice, though mother may not have been fully impressed. The food was rather disappointing (now who serves rare steak medium?! The dirty bastards) but to be honest after a shed load of booze they could have served shit on a stick and I would probably have given it a good licking.

The evening alas ended all too soon and only 4 hardy souls made it back to the pub; me, bro mo fo, Jimbo and his lovely lady. As me and the bro headed back to Kings Cross to catch the train, Jimbo was banging on about finishing the night clubbing style. We left Carrie to pick up the pieces of the impending zone!

All in all it was a lovely evening and we really appreciated the effort everyone made to get out and say goodbye. Big thanks to Zainab and Shumaila for the cake and sashes – lovely touch though not sure why the anger when I cut off Muneeza’s facial features first…..

So this is au-revoir but not goodbye. Can’t get rid of us that easily. We’ll be keeping peeps updated via this blog as we move round the world, so please drop by and leave us comments so we can stay in touch. Take care and sayonara losers!

Jamer & Mun x